Many in our communities are running around saying that WWIII is at hand. Yet they do not understand what is really happing around them. WWIII is already been fought and we lost. The victor proclaims what we shall wear and what we shall eat and where we will go. Will they allow us to go to our places of worship?

This is not WWIII it is more like WWIV. You may ask what I mean. In the months leading up to the election last year we had an attack on the world in the form on COVID-19. The response was that we all got sent to our prison cells for a crime we did not commit. The attack went further with the election night into days and weeks that followed. The response to this attack was basically nothing. The result was the man in the oval office a puppet of Obama, a continued effort of his administration which would put an end to America as we knew it. What was his platform he ran on? That he was going to fundamentally change America. It was hope and change. He was nearly finished and we now know that he was going to finish off America with Clinton. Then their planned attack was briefly sidetracked with Trump. During the four years leading up to this past election they (the Democratic …Liberals…the communist) hatched a plan to fix, rig, the election so that there was no way Trump would remain in power. In less than four months they are right back where they intended to be four years ago. WWIV

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