Pathway to Israeli citizenship?


I know that there is a large group in the “Hebrew-Roots” movement that their desire is to live and move to Israel yet are faced a major road block and that is you convert to orthodoxic Judaism and denounce Yeshuah as messiah. So in one fell swoop all of our hopes are dash asunder and we feel crushed and we look to other pathways to gain access to the land. Yes you can become a volunteer and be able to spend about six months at a time in the land. And we are glad for that, yet that is not the same as living there on a permeant basis. There are many pathways yet unless the Father calls we will not be permitted to enter into the land.

We are as the kid looking through the glass into the candy shop. Then one day a man approaches you and says. I will pay for you so that you can get all the candy you may wish, only you must denounce your mother and father as your parents and proclaim him as your father. Then you realize that you can not do what the man ask of you, you walk away heartbroken. Along this thought there are men in Israel who have offered us to live in the land and we would not have to denounce Yeshuah and they would leave us alone. Sounds good until you realize who is the one making the offer only wants to enslave us under Judaism and ultimately force us to be under the “Noahide Law”

Currently the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that are to allow those who are in Israel who have converted to Reform or Conservative Judaism to make Aleah. This is were the trap is when the Sanhedrin are allowed to rule over Israel. Then whatever laws that were passed or ruled by court. That those conversions will be nullified and they will convert back to a gentile status.

I believe it is a trap to be avoided. The world is about enter into a testing to see if they abide with His Kingdom laws or be deceived and follow the Rabbis into a certain trap. Go to link concerning the article to understand what I am talking about here. Did a High Court Ruling Open Back Door For Christians to Become Israeli Citizens? ( High Court recognizes Reform, Conservative conversions carried out in Israel | The Times of Israel

Now you may ask what do I mean that this is a trap? Read this article concerning this,

The Rabbis and their plan for the world.pdf – Google Drive

In an AVI WEISS piece titled As Orthodox rabbis, we support the court’s conversion ruling – opinion MARCH 4, 2021 18:53

The Supreme Court decision has the potential to bring us closer, allowing Jews from all streams to feel part of the destiny of Am Yisrael.

    Weiss cites the court ruling that seems clear the pathway to become an Israeli citizen were the Rabbinate disagrees with the ruling two American Rabbis have different point of view that should serve as a warning to those of the Christians that must listen to what is not being said.

The Orthodox rabbis say; “We are Orthodox rabbis who have served in Orthodox synagogues and taught in Orthodox schools for five decades. It is precisely because we love Orthodoxy that we speak in support of the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision validating Conservative and Reform conversions done in Israel for Israeli citizenship.”

Right about now I can see the chief rabbis spinning their kippahs

They continue; ” This move, we believe, will help foster in Israel a less coercive Orthodoxy and worldwide will embrace all of our people as part of Am Yisrael, with a shared past and shared future.   No doubt, the Chief Rabbinate will disagree with the position we’ve taken as they fiercely want to hold on to power, determined to be the sole arbiters on conversions, leaving no room for Conservative and Reform.”   We know as well from conversations with colleagues that there are Orthodox rabbis who agree with us, but are fearful to say so publicly, concerned that the Chief Rabbinate will refuse to accept any spiritual leader who disagrees with their position.   Because we support Reform and Conservative conversions for citizenship in Israel doesn’t mean we would accept their conversions as halachically legitimate. As in America, when individuals have come before us with non-Orthodox conversions, if they don’t meet Orthodox standards, we would encourage another conversion.   Truth be told, the Israeli Supreme Court decision doesn’t change much. Based on the Law of Return, the Israeli Interior Ministry already accepts for citizenship those converted by Conservative and Reform rabbis outside of Israel. The inequity for those in Israel has now been resolved.   Why accept the Supreme Court decision? Our teacher Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik wrote not only about the Covenant of Sinai, but the Covenant of Egypt, also called the Covenant of Fate. We part company with our Conservative and Reform colleagues on many halachic matters going back to Sinai, but our fate as a people unites us; the enemy makes no distinction between levels of observance or denominations. We survive and thrive as a people together.   More broadly, we are all part of what can be called the Covenant of Family – that family includes our co-religionists from other denominations. Recognizing their conversions in Israel will deepen the relationship between Israel and the majority of Jews in the Diaspora who are not Orthodox.   With all our heart and soul, we believe the Supreme Court decision will strengthen Orthodoxy. Most Jews in Israel today have been alienated by the Chief Rabbinate, as they see it as coercive in nature. This kind of Orthodoxy alienates, as spiritual striving and religious coercion are antithetical. With greater choice, people may see Orthodoxy as less oppressive, more inviting.   If Israeli citizens have a choice of where to go for a conversion, it may catalyze the rabbinate to be more open in their conversion policies, taking into account the whole corpus of Jewish Law which is more flexible than the current extreme Chief Rabbinate’s standards.  Competition is always good as it encourages everyone to do better.  This bill could create a dynamic which would prod the Chief Rabbinate to become less insular and adopt a broader view of Klal Yisrael.   Notwithstanding our critique of the Chief Rabbinate, our feelings for those who hold its office remain warm. In the past, we were honored to have contact with Chief Rabbis – clearly lovers of Israel and the Jewish people. We have little doubt, too, that the Chief Rabbis today are people of goodwill. But the Chief Rabbinate as an institution no longer works. Whenever power coalesces in the hands of the few, it spells trouble.   Perhaps the greatest threat to Israel is the lack of unity of our people. The Supreme Court decision has the potential to bring us closer, allowing Jews from all streams to feel part of the destiny of Am Yisrael, talking openly with each other, disagreeing agreeably, recognizing we are not only part of one nation, but one family – hopefully a loving family. 

 Rabbi Avi Weiss is the founding rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale – the Bayit in New York. Rabbi Marc Angel is the director of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals.

This may seem like a good path but it will lead you down the path of death.

Pro 14:12  There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.a Footnote: a Pro_16:25.

To top it all off those who go done that path will be greeted by the nice people in nice white lab coats. And will roll up your sleeve so I can administer the COVID-19 “vaccine”. Then you too will be changed to a transhuman. Oh you still have to wear a mask and you will still be required to allow the PCR test in your country of origin and your new prison country of your choice. And you will be required to carry your vaxport at all times. This will allow entry to most places. You can rest assured it is all for the good of the Jewish state of Israel!

May YHVH bless you and keep you, may He cause His face to shine upon you and may He grant to you peace.

This is Rick Eldridge signing off.

An production.



Many in our communities are running around saying that WWIII is at hand. Yet they do not understand what is really happing around them. WWIII is already been fought and we lost. The victor proclaims what we shall wear and what we shall eat and where we will go. Will they allow us to go to our places of worship?

This is not WWIII it is more like WWIV. You may ask what I mean. In the months leading up to the election last year we had an attack on the world in the form on COVID-19. The response was that we all got sent to our prison cells for a crime we did not commit. The attack went further with the election night into days and weeks that followed. The response to this attack was basically nothing. The result was the man in the oval office a puppet of Obama, a continued effort of his administration which would put an end to America as we knew it. What was his platform he ran on? That he was going to fundamentally change America. It was hope and change. He was nearly finished and we now know that he was going to finish off America with Clinton. Then their planned attack was briefly sidetracked with Trump. During the four years leading up to this past election they (the Democratic …Liberals…the communist) hatched a plan to fix, rig, the election so that there was no way Trump would remain in power. In less than four months they are right back where they intended to be four years ago. WWIV