Just a thought….

What if what we are told would stop the spread of COVID is actually converting us into a GMO people. These GMO people are no different then the GMO plants that we eat. In fact these have been patented and if and when the pollen is cross pollenated with regular seed, this can be checked. If the GMO dna is found in the crop, then the crop becomes property of company. Sure you can fight it in court only to find that the money you spent on the farm now belongs to the company or face penalties and you will loose everything.

Now consider taking the vaccine with MRNA. Taking this will alter your DNA because the MRNA will rewrite the code if your DNA and now you become the property of the company of Bill Gate (ET all) if yo do not think so do the research and you will see the patent number by the Bill Gates foundation.

I said Something to think about…

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