A voice from the past.

As some of you may know my wife and have been working on our family tree. Over the last couple of days I was researching one of my Grandmothers it seems over the last couple of years I have a dead end, ever single time I looked at her there have been no hints, nothing new. I have even requested from everyone who share this same ancestor and to no great surprise no one knew what to do.  As I sat there trying to decide what to do with her it dawned on me that perhaps I should follow the advise of a friend here and use a different site so I went on the site and put in her madden surname in so I did and what I found out brought me to tears.  After a few hours of studying the information I understood why we were hitting a brick wall all these years is that during the Nazi era of WWII many of my ancestors with that name were murdered at that time. As one of my friend have said that the Father sees all of creation as a beautiful tapestry. We may not understand why we are here, never mind the fact how we got here. We take life for granted and  we are just here. I have learned life is not a mere consequent and a product of chance mutations. It is by the will of the Father that we are here, it was by His guiding hand that we made it here where are today. For all of us who call upon His name we are grafted into the true vine.

After mulling over the information I had found out I decided that since we were in Jerusalem we needed to visit the Holocaust museum. This was first time there and not knowing what we would see I was in for a very emotional time for us. We did not make it through one quarter of it before it was overwhelming. I realized then what was done to them was done to me and those who come after me. The very things that the Nazis said about us is being said today. So it never ends the evil one, Esau, is always after us.

One day the Father will set everything in its proper place. Until then may the Father grant to peace and shine His face upon you.